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Jul 13, 2010
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Oh the tidal road at Aveton Gifford, not far from me. I also knew one of the guys who built the first sea tractor for Burgh Island, he used to be my neighbour and drove it out to Bigbury from Kingsbridge early one Sunday morning, probably in the early 1950's, small world.

Interesting. We have a friend at Venn, Venn's Farm I think and he's lived there for over 20 years. This is the third time we've stayed at Burgh Island, unfortunately the weather was a bit grim last Wednesday!

I just checked and they are closer to you probably, Springfield Barn, Aveton Gifford .
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This is what happens when two trucks meet in a tiny lane in Devon!

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Welcome to Devon. I photographed a St Austell Brewery wagon in Slapton a few days ago but can't see the number plate to know if it's the same wagon. I was chatting to the driver whilst he waited for tourists to reverse so he could get out of the village. Further to your post above I actually live the other side of Kingsbridge but on the A379 as goes through Aveton Gifford, so about 6 miles away but as a bird watcher I'm familiar with the Avon estuary.



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Nov 24, 2014
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This is what happens when two trucks meet in a tiny lane in Devon!
I've been watching Global Cycling Network videos a lot. If you're not familiar, they're based in Bath, and film a lot of road bicycling videos. I'm struck by 1) how narrow and hilly so many of your roads are and 2) how very fit those guys are. To me, a 15-20 mile ride is a busy morning. To them, it's a warm-up. In one video two guys did a 500 mile ride around the north coast of Scotland - in 3 days at that, beginning and ending at Inverness.

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Nov 8, 2012
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Lovely, clean images coming out of that camera. Oh, and well observed too!
Thanks. I like it enough that I broke down (went for broke, in other words) and got a used EVF for it. It's true that it is easier to blow out highlights with it, but that was true of the X1 sensor too. I just meter highlights with the spot and expose accordingly. It's how I used to meter slide film, so it resonates with my photographic journey.

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