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What kind of things are in the machine to make people more aware?
I didn't examine it in any kind of detail, but (by pure conincidence) listened to a short reportage about it on the way home; essentially, most objects are perceived as related to graves, graveyards and burials: candles, cards, small items to put on graves. The artist produces most of these things herself or adds her own little twist to existing products. Something that stuck with me is that you can actually buy a small jar of "peace" ... which actually resonates with my own experience: Graveyards are often extraordinarily calm and peaceful places, projecting a strong sense of belonging, care and affection. Grief is more of an undercurrent - except of course during burial ceremonies.

However, most people in our society avoid thinking about death or see it as threatening, scary and somehow unnaturally evil - and in her whimsical way, the artist is counteracting this common misconception. It's an invitation to conceptualise death as something we can - and should - deal with (which is good news, since we all have to, sooner or later).

On a more personal note, I've been to a couple of graveyards lately; unfortunately, only partly out of curiosity or a desire to experience their mood. And since one of my friends is losing his fight against cancer as I write this, it isn't a subject I'll be able to evade in the foreseeable future ...


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