Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

Just strolling,....What's THIS all about then?

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Ooooo, lovely, Bugleone! My dog and I would love it there! The section in the shade with the mist...the sun's rays... There's a real three dimensional feeling to this beautiful scene.

Oh, wow, I'd missed the giant lobster!! Wonderful expressions on that little girl dressed in yellow. What a strange sight - a lobster fest?;)

Malcolm, I am honored, however your stop action of that "dove" is miles above my pigeon's take off! :2thumbs: I have to say that I miss using my X100...but that's OK it's waiting for me.
Curious Bullock

This guy grabbed my attention as I was walking down in the lee of Start Point peninsula to my selected SIJ shoot spot for day 05. He's only about 2 metres away since I'm using my appointed SIJ lens, a Voigtlander 12mm, f/5.6

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This is a more normal street scene for me than you city slickers :)

What a wonderful perfect view - Barrie! Such a lovely face, or should I say handsome? And that sweep!! Your eyes and that lens made a gorgeous image!

Backing up a bit, I want to add my thanks to, you, Jeff, for your graphic design elements amidst the snow! And to Arie, for your classic one in - one out, with your eye for design, as well!
Sure he's a he Barry? Nice reds coming through that coat, oh how I love cows.

Heather, I based my sexing on the depth of the neck when he? had moved up a little and turned. It seems a little less dark in this shot than what I saw with my naked eye, so I was thinking a Ruby Red (North Devon), but it looks more like a South Devon there (it had rained heavy overnight, so its coat was damp). The farmer has also got Aberdeen Angus and Belted Galloway, as you can see the grazing is rough. I saw his bull later, but he was camera shy and I thought Ruby Red.

Belties are striking, aren't they? We played a practical joke on someone who was slightly the worse for wear and told him they were pandas. Fun times.

Looks like a suckler from your picture, also the combination of time of year and field type. She looks a sweetie. I had a Simmental cow with a face like that, she was a contrary beast. Wouldn't be pushed anywhere, but would follow you quite happily. She had a bit of a thing for sugar beet.

Your pedantically, with apologies for previously spelling your name wrong,
A few from a stroll round the village of Slapton, south Devon (UK) today

A quiet stroll round Slapton for an SIJ shot (prior to my pub lunch) resulted in a small collection. All taken on a Pansasonic G1 with Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 lens.

A colour rendering of these images today.

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Church Steps lane

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The steps to the church at the end of Church Steps lane

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Lych Gate cottage is on the right of the steps to the church, this is its entrance

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The steeple with Jackdaws already noisily proclaiming nesting sites behind the slatted openings.