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Beesd - Gelderland - Nederland
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Jeroen Peters
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I didn't have far to stroll for this subject. This farm cart was actually built in my former cottage in East Charleton which, before it was converted, had been a workshop where farm carts, stairs and coffins were built. It's now back in a Dutch Barn alongside my current cottage which is on the farm that it was built for. It has been donated by my landlord who's father had it built to Kingsbridge in Bloom where it normally is full of flowers in a position on the quay and is probably the most photographed object in the town. It's going to be given a new paint job over the winter. The eagle eyed amongst you might have seen a box high up on the end wall in the 1st image. That's a barn owl box which my landlord built and erected in about five hours a few weekends ago after I'd seen a barn owl around the barn for a couple of evenings. That very same evening it arrived and immediately perched on the box, it almost certainly knew what it was. It's roosted there every day since and is sometimes joined by what I take to be it's mate which still roosts in a stone barn a few hundred yards away that is sadly falling down and will eventually become unviable as a roost site.
These are jpegs out of the camera using my current settings. The scene is of rather low contrast and thus required some post processing work on both levels and saturation in gimp, although afterwards there was little "combing" of the levels histogram. I have shadows and highlights set for more contrasty scenes so perhaps I'll look into saving other shadows and highlight curves that I can temporarily use in such situations that will hopefully give closer out of the camera results and require little or no post processing. For saturation I prefer less saturated images normally but here I felt the image was improved with a modest post processing increase.

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Impromptu pawn shop ... somewhat quaint, but also very chilling in the current situation; the guy running this is old and definitely not fit and healthy, yet he doesn't take the tiniest of precautions. This'll end in misery one way or the other - and with people like him, there's no preventing that.