Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

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Coming out of A&E at Musgrove Hospital after waiting for 7 hours I had to roam Taunton for an hour because the first bus was at 06:11 to go home on a Saturday morning, so it was unusually quiet and empty.

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And the weather was absolutely delightful, the wind was literally pushing me around, and the rain was so heavy I think my soul got wet. I had my camera aimed downward most of the time and I was holding the camera with the bottom of my hand to keep the rain from gathering up on the viewfinder and the back screen.

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I am so, pleasantly, surprised that the camera managed to capture the light glint off the wet trees. I had my shutter speed at a reasonable 1/30th of a sec because I didn't trust the IBIS with my tiredness, I was awake for 25 hours at that point with half of those I was at work, to get a sharp image.

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I was a bit sad that I got raindrops on the lens but after this image, I was pretty diligent after that and I managed to keep the lens dry, I love night shots and I love rain shots so having both of these together I couldn't ignore such an opportunity.

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It was the first time I'd been in Taunton at that hour so seeing it this empty was quite awesome.

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It was very very dark but I was quite intrigued by getting the green reflection of a street signal light.

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None of the images has any noise reduction (usually Topaz DeNoise AI) pass because it struggles to tell texture apart at high ISO, it would smear the rain texture, and blur the shadows and the sky.

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Just wanted to get the blue light between the two yellow and white lights ... and I am quite happy with how it came out, both the reflections and the street lights.

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I wouldn't go shopping at TESCO in any weather :p

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Why did the rubbish cross the road? Well, it was cleaner on the other side.

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My path is clear-ly wet.

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The dramatic superhero pose.

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One of the more busy intersections is dead quiet, filled with light and reflections.

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Different kind of dedication? Running through the rain ... running from the rain, who's doing which?

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Up the (shadow-y) stairs.

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Waiting for the next party, maybe Friday night got cut short?

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It does look very welcoming to sit down.

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The old (13th century) school turn into a matrimony office.

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I would rather be in there than out here.

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The magic portal is open only at night.
Absolutely killer shots each and every one!