Self Portrait with Daughter


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
I think the wall is an integral part of the composition (at least for me). Put me in the "keep it" column.
So yeah, I went back and forth on that. I wound up liking it better because it showed that I was peeking around from behind something, and I did not like the look as much when I got rid of it... looked like we were peeking around a picture frame or something, disembodied and floating in space.

The original was slightly wider, and you could see the bathroom sink below the mirror, as well as more of the wall and the ceiling above us, including a can light. I actually blacked out a sink nozzle that was in front of her sweater. Did it in Paint... just selected the same shade of black as her sweater and painted right over the chrome.


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Apr 23, 2011
I wish I had a picture like this of me with my Dad. Make sure you have various copies in various forms for your daughter when she is older.

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