Leica Sell M3 + 3 lenses and buy Leica T?


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I have the following:
Leica M3 twin stroke body w Leica Meter & leather case
Summicron 50mm f2 collapsible lens
Summicron 35mm f2 w goggles lens
Elmarit 90mm f2.8 lens
The camera & 50mm I inherited from my father, the 2 other lenses I added in the 80s.
My problem: I haven't used the camera for 25 years, so it all sits unused in the safe. I moved irrevocably from film to digital ages ago and however much wishful thinking I engage in about 'going back to basics', I know I'm never going to return to film photography.
So should I sell the family heirloom & get a Leica T, which I would use the hell out of I suspect, or hang on to the unused heirlooms as they gather dust?
(Also, if I was to buy a Leica T, could I sensibly (with adapters) use any of the above lenses with it?)
Advice welcomed!
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I suspect it depends on how much value you place on Family Heirlooms. A lot depends on the condition of the camera and lenses. If they are in EX+ and better condition, you will get top dollar. User condition- prices on the M3 are down, but for lenses with clean glass- up.

It would help to see some pictures of the camera and le4nses, and know what functional condition they are in. Youxin Ye provides quick service at reasonable prices in the US.

With digital cameras- prices fall quickly in comparison with Film cameras. Classic RF lenses have been going up in value. You could sale/trade the M3 with 35/2 "Goggles" for a Leica T and keep the other two lenses to use with an adapter.


The goggled Summicron may get you $1500 by itself for the 8 elements version lens. Had it been the version without goggles, it would bring $2500-$3000.


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thanks Brian

I like to hang on to heirlooms, but a more powerful principle is that tools should be used - I'd rather someone else used & appreciated my Leica rather than it sitting in my safe, and if I can continue the Leica thing with a new camera that I want to use, then bingo, everybody's happy.
As to condition, the M3 & the 50mm will need an overhaul (recommendations for this in UK?), the other two lenses are fine. I'd put it all no higher than VGC, but maybe I'm underplaying it a little. I'll get some photos done soon.
I love the idea of using, say, the 50mm Summicron on the Leica T. How would that affect metering/focusing etc? Presumably you'd focus manually as usual while watching the screen?



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The goggled Summicron may get you $1500 by itself for the 8 elements version lens. Had it been the version without goggles, it would bring $2500-$3000.

I had no idea that I was sitting on something so valuable, especially as it is the least aesthetically pleasing of the 3 lenses to look at - I always found the goggles a bit off-putting, to be honest. But a quick look on eBay confirms what you say.
I'm attracted to the idea of trading the 35mm for a T and keeping the other 2 lenses to use with the T - how sensible an option do you think that would be?


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Personally, I gave up on film camera a while back so I actually sold my M6, M4 and M3 almost at the same time a few years ago. If I have the setup you have now and wants to go to the digital world with minimal cash outlay, I might go with selling the M3 and get an M8 and just keep the lens. That way, you still keep part of the heirloom (lenses) and still be in the digital world.