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With the X-Pro2 that Santa bought, I've decided I'm going to sell my X-Pro1 and X-T1.

I'm exceedingly ambivalent about the 'bay nowadays, with the plethora of horror stories from sellers of camera gear.

I see there is a for sale forum here, but was wondering what's currently seen as the "best" site to sell used gear?

I tried Fred Miranda once with some Nikon gear, but was unsuccessful. There is a goodly amount of gear for sale there, but it doesn't seem that much sells.

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry, the following is not particularly helpful for Americans but anyway...

Luckily for me, in some parts of Europe eBay never got the foothold. Finland is such a country. Early on we had our own "online auction" site where one could list and bid on for free. It choked on its own success, trying to cash in on the visitor volume but ultimately that was their demise. Free "Craigslist" alternatives have since taken over. Free to sell and buy, it has worked alright for us.

Besides "Craigslist" we have some smaller but active forums (several) that have active b/s places. Facebook also, I don't use it personally so I don't know.

Finally camera dealers will buy gear but as usual you won't get the top euro. It's the most convenient though if you need/want to sell a ton.


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You might try They have a branch in NY, and I've done business with them a few times. Their prices are usually fair and their service fairly quick. I did have a lens I felt they undervalued, but I have also had a couple of times where they paid me more than they had originally quoted.


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I've been very successful on FM.
You can easily see buy/sell ratings and gauge a person's gear by their description.
Lately, I've been using local sites like CL and Offerup.

Here, you have a very tightly knit community with a pretty good Fuji base.
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First to determine the price of your item, look at either Fred Miranda or Ebay previously sold items and base your sale pricing on the condition of your item, the median selling price and demand for the gear. Gear popularity is cyclical, so some months certain lenses might be hot like maybe it's bird watching season making telephoto zooms hot or it's senior photos and portrait photographers need 85mm lenses.

I use a multi-tiered approach. Fred Miranda, Cameraderie, Talk-E-Mount (if it's Sony related), Nikon Cafe (Nikon gear), Craigslist and as a last resort Ebay. The key to selling is detailed, close-up photos (use your real camera and not a smartphone) and an honest description even being conservative of actual condition (it's a 10/10, but you rate it 9/10). Eventually EVERYTHING sells. Just make sure to use your Spidey danger sense, don't ship to unverified Paypal shipping addresses or any payment method that seems too complex than it needs to be.

For some really hard to sell items Ebay is a necessity, but you can sometimes sell for more than the camera forums or CL. The key again is detailed images and straight to the point descriptions. Don't embellish or add unnecessary information since Ebay will almost always side with the buyer in case of a dispute. Defer to the item photos and any questions should go to direct messaging. Also a nice way to sell on Ebay is to throw in extras that make it seem like an added value, but it's a good way to get rid of bits & pieces you don't need! :D

Always ship with signature confirmation and make sure to utilize your seller exemptions (ex: won't sell to buyer with low feedback, no shipping to a PO Box, etc.). Also use an Ebay fee calculator so you can determine the price of which to sell. I always start off with a high price just in case someone is in a rush to buy and doesn't care to haggle price (ex: professional gear write-off, someone who only compares retail pricing and not used prices or a well off dentist) and I always offer 'buy it now' and wait for someone to offer within my price threshold and deny all the low ballers or anyone who waste my time with the phrase, "What's your lowest price?" When someone messages me that question, that's an automatic delete message!

Lastly I always pack the gear so I can drop it from at least the top of a UPS truck and it'll survive! I tend to like packing popcorn and/or air packets for maximum cushion and the least weight.
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