Leica Sensor crack or just dirt


Aug 9, 2013
Bakersfield, CA
My M-E is now two-months-old and I absolutely love the image quality. I just checked both the M-E and M Monochrom sensors in anticipation of a trip to Korea in two weeks. It is a special occasion (father-in-law's 80th birthday) and my wife wants color portraits.

At f/16 with a 50mm lens there is this line (circled) that doesn't appear to be a hair or dust. I'm reluctant to send the camera in for repair as I doubt they could provide a loaner while its there and my other cameras aren't really suited to color portraiture (vintage Sonnar, wide-open).

So to the experts here, does this look like a crack, or does it just need a good professional cleaning?

by Lawman1967, on Flickr


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Apr 3, 2013
That is not a crack, looks more like a wipe mark. It should clean off, as the camera is new- you might want Leica to do it. I wet-cleaned my M9 and M Monochrom about a month after getting them, seemed some oil could be thrown from the shutter when new. It all came off, never saw it again. "Teething Pains" for a new camera.

A Crack usually goes across the sensor, starts at the edge.

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