Fuji Sensor replacement for X10


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I have my X10 since it 's first introduced. Anybody knows the time limit window for replacing the sensor?

The deadline has passed (Sep 30th, 2012) but call Fuji anyway. I recall people saying they had sensors replaced after the deadline.

Here it the telephone number for the Fujifilm facility in Edison, NJ 1-800-659-3854. Not sure if they have a west coast facility as well, but the folks in NJ were easy to work with.


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Give them a call. If you are still under warranty, I don't see any reason why they shouldn't take care of you. The rush for the replacements is over and they shouldn't be swamped anymore. They were great to work with and Steve (there are two of them there) is fantastic! He even called me after hours to give me an update on my X-S1 replacement after hurricane Sandy flooded their place a little bit (no cameras were damaged!!!!).


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Yes, check with them. I received my X10 in November, 2011. I sent it in August (when I didn't need it for a few weeks) and within 10 days I had a new camera (they just replaced the camera). Though, I have to say I never really ran into the "orb" problem because I rarely shot in the conditions that would produce it.

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