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Sensor Size

When it comes to printing we ask a lot from our cameras

I recently made some 20x16 prints (500x400mm) & was very happy with the images produced. – (Ok not really large prints but bigger than I used to have from my 35mm film cameras).

But to put it into perspective here is the actual sensor size of the F660 drawn up in scale 1:1 in relation to the print size

I can see the obvious benefit of larger sensors but when all said and done the size & print quality from the 660 is a little miracle

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It's even more amazing when you think about major Hollywood movies being filmed with super 16mm cameras with a film frame size of 12.52mm x 7.41 mm, and then screened in a movie theater where the average screen size is 22m x 16m. Films like The Black Swan for example was filmed in super 16mm.

Most movies are filmed with the more traditional super 35mm size which is roughly the size of an APS-C sensor which is still tiny when compared to a full movie theater screen.

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