Sepia Leaf


Sunny Frimley
Contax G 90 on NEX5 body

all these G contax lens are worth buying - they just have their own "look and feel"- I only have the 45/f2 and the adapter is a bit large and not the most user friendly to take on and off - but the above has made me want to use it - so if we get some reasonable light, (it's been raining all night), and has yet to clear up, I will have a go today

Good image Christina - did you use a tripod?
I just bought the 45/2 from another member on M43rds and keenly await it's arrival. I didn't use a tripod, I used the flip screen on the NEX 5 which is very useful for this type of shot especially as one get's older! I rather like the soothing qualities of sepia :)

I have the Metabones adapter - and what I notice is that it focuses past infinity i.e. if you turn the focusing ring fully clockwise, (looking at it from the back of the camera), after about 95% of the way you reach the infinity focus - the extra 5% past this point the image goes out of focus

Because of the design of the lens mechanism this M43 adapter is the least "smooth" of all the ones that I have - but I guess that is the only way it could be made to "focus"

Let me know if yours is the same - I'd be interested