September's Overcast Skies in South Carolina



These ZS40 landscapes were taken in a heavy overcast, and given the sensor size and distance from the camera to the major features, the details are a bit noisy. The first image conveys the general atmosphere that's been prevalent here for nearly every day in September. It's beyond unusual to have only 5-6 sunny or partly sunny days in September in the South end of South Carolina. The second image was taken facing the opposite direction an hour later, when a narrow band of blue sky was attempting to push back the cloud cover. Another narrow band of blue sky was developing on the opposite side of the sky at the same time, over the ships shown in the first image, but that doesn't show here since the first image was taken an hour earlier.

Panasonic ZS40, f4.5, 1/125 handheld, ISO 100.

Panasonic ZS40, f4.9, 1/400 handheld, ISO 100.

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