Serious Compact Cards


Liverpool / UK
Just got back from a week away...

However... a few times, whilst I was away in the English Lakes, I happened across a few serious compact users. and got into having a chat with them, afterwards... I thought it would have been good to hand them a card to come to the site, have a look around and hopefully join in.

Met a guy in his 80's using a 35mm Nikon F100, he was really interested in something lighter for general use, and when I showed him the LX5 and its capabilities he was in awe... although I told him about the site, neither of us had a pen to write it down... so here's hoping he remembers, but it would have been good to give him a card.

What do you reckon ???


betwixt and between
I'd think it's a fine idea, Mal. Are you wondering about creating "the one true" card with the official nod of If so, we'd need to run it by Amin Sabet, I'd think.

I know that in a somewhat local MINI Cooper group that I used to be involved in that someone printed up cards and we used to place them on MINIs that we found in the wild.;)


Hall of Famer
I think it's a good idea as well - a nice way to spread the word about the site. If anyone wants to make cards for their own personal use, it's okay by me. I currently don't have the time/capacity to make an official site card. Will be a good project for sometime in the future though.


Thats a great idea for conversation starting and meeting other photogs, (then getting a portrait of them lol). I might give it a go myself too, brilliant idea Mal