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Copy, pasted and stickied from the Site Information...just so this invaluable resource is at our finger-tips

I'll compile the frequently asked questions and answers regarding our gallery in this thread.

How do I get to the Gallery?
Click on the Gallery tab at the top of any page.

How do I upload images to the Gallery?
Go to the Gallery and then click on the "Upload Photos" link near the upper right part of the page.

Can I host an image at ______ (Flickr, PBase, Zenfolio, Smugmug, etc) and embed/display it in the Gallery?
Unfortunately, no, this is not possible. Only images hosted in the Gallery can be displayed in the Gallery. However, your images hosted elsewhere can be displayed/embedded easily in any forum discussion. See this thread for more information about how to do that.

Do you prefer that I host images in the Gallery or at ______?
That is completely up to you. We want our Gallery to be a showcase of member photography, so please make use of it! However, our resources are finite, so it makes sense to use outside hosting if your needs exceed what we can provide.

How much space does each member get for image hosting in the Gallery?
Each member has 100MB allotted space in the Gallery. Site supporters (donors) get 500MB. These amounts are subject to change depending on our resources. If we downsize, you may lose images, so do not use our Gallery as your only place to store images!!!

Can you edit the info posted with each image - after the initial post - I cannot find the option
Double click on Photo Options and then select Edit Photo.

How can I delete an image from the Gallery?
Double click on Photo Options and then select Edit Photo, then select "Delete" from the drop-down menu.

How can I bulk delete images?
Unfortunately this is not possible. Images have to be deleted one by one.

How does the Members Gallery versus the Personal Album index work - what's the difference

I can get images into the Members Gallery but not the Personal Album index
If you upload an image to the Members Gallery, it automatically categorizes that image under your user name. However, it will not be placed in an album unless you create and album and specifically upload the image to that album or subsequently move the image to that album.

To make albums, click on "My Albums" (towards the upper left area of the screen under where it says "Register") and then select "Create a new album". This album will then be available going forward as a place to which you can upload images.

Remedial help question: changing your new album's front cover photo?
View the photo which you want to be the cover, then go to Photo Options (near upper right as shown in my response to Bill above) -> Make Album Cover

Is there a description or set of instructions for using the new gallery?
Unfortunately, there is no official resource.

Do we need to set up albums before uploading
No, but if you don't set up albums, all images will be in your member gallery without any particular organization. If you set up albums and upload to them, then your member gallery images will be organized in albums which are viewable by you under "My Albums" as well as by others via the "Personal Albums Index".

do we add pictures to existing collections
You can choose where to add your picture(s) during the upload process. Only one location can be selected during upload - this can be your member gallery (without a particular album) or an album within your member gallery (which you have already created).

Can I upload multiple images to a gallery at the same time?
Not at this time. We had to disable this function due to memory errors.

What is the maximum picture size I can upload?
Uploaded images must be 1500px in greatest dimension. For best displayed image quality, I recommend a max dimension of 1024px for the uploaded image.

There are lots of tools available for resizing images. My personal method is to upload them full size to Flickr. Flickr resizes them automatically to a variety of sizes (and unlike many online service does so while preserving image quality and sharpness). I take the "Large" size from Flickr, which is 1024px in max dimension, and upload that to the Mu-43 gallery.

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