Serious Compacts Photograph of the Year 2013


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Wow, due to my sporadic visits of late I had totally missed this.


There are plenty of shots in here that wouldn't be out of place in top galleries, or the pages of National Geographic. I would follow this up with a mushy thing about privilege to know you, you're all awesome dudes and so on but I'm too dour for that sort of thing. Instead I shall endeavour to find a photo I think is acceptable.
Good work, team


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Karen, if you need a hand putting together a poll, just shoot me a pm.

Thanks Luke. I was waiting for pdh to post his pic ... missed that he's done it already! Doh! Seeing Heather is keen to post an entry I'll wait until she has posted before I run the poll. If I get stuck I will give you a shout.

So Heather (and anyone else who still wants to enter) get it posted before this weekend is out.


I can't find how to link a thread in tapatalk, but here's what Amin wrote the other day will
I added a button in the upper right corner of each post* to give members the opportunity to nominate that post to be featured on the front page of the site. We like to feature all kinds of posts - posts containing great photography, posts that review a piece of gear, interesting insights, etc.

You can only nominate one post per day, so save it for something special!

*Only members with 3 or more forum posts can see this button

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