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Hi Everyone.
I was considering starting to make some t-shirts for the site. These are only preliminary and I would like your opinions and thoughts. Your input is appreciated. More ideas to come.

Thank you




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Michael, thanks for these ideas!

I like the type face on the first but think it would be better in a brighter white...maybe with some rough edges, that makes it seem as though the type face is bleeding into the shirt... How about a white shirt, with black type face...a la typewriter style... T shirts are tough. When they are great, they're wonderful! I used to be very involved in a MINI Cooper "cult" and we had one super t-shirt made, and many that were not so hot. I wonder about the camera icon...I'm not sure about them. I'm going to look around and see if I find anything inspiring.


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I think I'd like one like the first, but in black on a red shirt (with a red dot in the right place because I'm using an M8). Don't like the font on any of them, though.

I'd considered making one with DIN Schriften, closest to the Leica block font.


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I Think any proposed shirt has to be non-camera specific in order to attract and include all the members, so this being the case... up to now the third one has my vote but with a more readable typeface.

Perhaps an image sensor icon... rather than a camera ??? I'm no graphic artist... but have just thrown this together... I know its in colour but the ideas there.... not that I'm proposing it as anything other than a doodle...

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