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I suppose two adjectives that could be applied to the new name are sauve and chic although, given that I'm neither, perhaps I'm not the best person to make that judgement. However, I would question who it is in the photography world that the name would encourage to join the forum, to me it lacks focus, it doesn't offer any definition of the forums intent or any guidance as to its interests.



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Barrie, the great majority of good and active general photo forums have non-meaningful names. tells you that participating there, you are likely to run into a guy named Fred. GetDPI means ???


Hi Andrew, what do you mean? The forum index has hardly changed, and the great majority of our subforums are still for compacts. You mean another site altogether?

Hi Amin, I just mean including a Serious Compacts sub-forum for general serious compacts discussion. It might just be a mental model thing, and how I perceived and used, but I never paid much attention to the sub-forums, just the overarching topics of serious compacts and things people do with them. Along with other cameras of course. But never ye mind... sounds like others are all for the changes. Therefore, steady as she goes...


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I would question who it is in the photography world that the name would encourage to join the forum

^^^ I must say that this thought had occurred to me, too.

On a more abstract level, for me there just seemed to be something classy, solid, and - yes - satisfyingly earnest about having the word 'Serious' in the old name. Must be getting old.:frown:


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Looks and appears just the same to me

Title not very dynamic, though

Serious Compacts with a touch of the Dark Side …….. Boom ….. Boom


I'm glad the site hasn't changed much, but I'm disappointed by the name change. I liked the focus of Serious Compacts. I browsed for my MFT interests, and for Sigma and Ricoh discussions. Photographer's Lounge is so generic, like Sears. I can get hardware at Sears, but I tend to go to Home Depot instead.

If anything, I would prefer a site that narrowed the Serious Compacts realm to fixed-lens cameras. It's an interesting category, with eclectic customers who are not wedded to any particular system.
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I couldn't care less what the name is. I don't consider the various names of the grocery stores within driving distance before I go grocery shopping. I don't consider what given name a human has before I decide to be a friend. "Branding" is soooooooo 90's. That old place was never very serious and most of the cameras weren't very compact....if you limited them the ones that were, I wouldn't want to hang out there. There are some exceptions, but by and large I'd like to chat, hang out and view photos from most everyone who hangs out here (it has NOTHING to do with the size of the camera they use). This place that we now call the PL is very much like a lounge where people come by and hang out when time permits and talk about what they like, share a few photos and then out to the real world.

Hopefully some new folks join who feel the same way and if they use cameras big or small, hopefully they share some great insight or a photo we've never seen before. I think we can learn from more different perspectives and hope some folks who have negative feelings for the name or the minor changes stick around and continue to contribute and make the place the way they want it.

Steve Noel

Casey County, KY
As one that has lost interest in posting photos, to compete with some of the best in the business, I have also lost interest in the latest and greatest gear. (I've fallen back to the G1 and Olympus 14-42 II, for my needs. and yes, they do quite well). But, having visited here occasionally, I was hit by this change as it was in final decision making. Reading the comments and thinking about what drove me for many years in my quest for my place and goals in photography, I find that the "new" SC/PL, just leaves me sad and disappointed. The lounge concept, doesn't promote action. It suggests "day's end"! Too much like my life. Forced retirement, waiting for heaven's call.
Please, try to understand. I'm not complaining. Just expressing my thoughts. I'll probably drop by from time to time, but not be very active.
You folks were friendly to me, in a time when I needed it.
Thanks a lot!


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The lounge concept, doesn't promote action. It suggests "day's end"... Just expressing my thoughts. I'll probably drop by from time to time, but not be very active.

Steve, I hope you'll drop by more than you're planning right now. We miss you here. My favorite time to lounge is in the morning, at the start of the day.

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