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Bill Palmer
Now then.

My dearly beloved has, for reasons too complicated to explain here, had to travel overseas for a while. I am therefore at a comparative loose end this weekend. Oh there are chores to do, but I would rather take a photo. :)

So set me an assignment - challenge me. What would you like to see? The result will be posted on this thread.


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or a portrait of everyone you have a financial transaction with while shes gone. so the coffee gal, the grocery store guy, the gas station pump... lol
"a day in the life of an american consumer"
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If I were in Bill's shoes my challenge would be a camera mounted on a tripod overlooking the kitchen sink and doing a time laps video over the course of the weekend......LOL. I share dish duties with my wife, but when she's out of town, I just don't do 'em until 30 minutes before she returns.

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