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I hope your guys can help me. I own a rx100 2 camera. Next week i am going to a concert. And i will be very near to the stage or maybe on the stage.

Like you know there will be some fast moving people.

I wish to NOT use flash.

What settings should i use ?

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It is hard to say what settings, as it depends on the light.... I think you need atleast a shutter speed of 1/125 sec or faster to freeze motion and avoid blur and frezze the motion of the artists. I do a lot of this type of shooting and never use flash, as it is a major distraction to the performing artists..

I did find my Rx100 in auto mode did quite well, so whatever settings you use, I also suggest throwing it in auto and shooting some there as well...


Found this info...

What kind of concert is it? If it's a classical concert, lighting will be much easier to deal with as opposed to a full rock/metal concert that is likely to have a full light show.

I wouldn't really lock exposure when the spotlight is on the performer and keep it there for the entire show, it'll black out the rest of the stage and performers. It depends on the lighting conditions, if it's a rock concert there will be wildly different lighting conditions throughout the stage.

My personal approach would be to lock aperture (I would shoot wide open, usually) on the main performer(s), lock ISO on the max you're prepared to go, and then micro-adjust shutter speed throughout the night. Anticipate bright moments and not-so-bright moments as you go. Keep the camera on manual settings because if you don't, the camera is going to fluctuate wildly trying to over- or under-compensate for the wild lighting conditions (if it's a rock concert).

An incandescent setting might not be best white balance setting, I don't know what kind of concert it is but there may be all kinds of lighting going on throughout the show. Shoot raw and post-process later.


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I think James' approach above is a good one. I've also noticed that one of the scene recognition modes of the RX100 (in iAuto setting) is "spotlight". So the camera will probably do a reasonable job if left to it's own devices in this situation, as Lucille has found.

But while this is an interesting discussion, it's become a little academic as the concert in question took place a few weeks ago :rolleyes:

So for Xalo (the OP) : which settings did you use and how did you get on?


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