Sony Setting up the NEX for video and other NEX video helpful tips


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Jul 7, 2010
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I know that if I had a NEX, I'd want to get some pointers on how to use it for video.

Looking forward to learning from our NEX videographers!:popcorm2:


Nov 22, 2010
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Great idea for a thread and I already need help! I cannot view the Nex5 videos in CS5 Bridge on my imac, and have a slew of files I can't view or open, with at least four different file names, including bin and others. i am thinking maybe some of these are sidecar files that go with the RAW files, but cannot really tell. Any advice would be most welcome!


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Aug 15, 2010
I believe the NEX can either produce AVCHD or AVI?. The AVI should be viewable by anything. AVCHD is a bit more finicky. Do you have a NEX3 or 5? If a 3, I think AVI is the only option. If NEX5, you might be able to set it to use AVI instead of AVCHD.

Try this, though, on your iMac. Plug the SD card into your imac, and launch iMovie. Then select "import from camera." If it is AVCHD, the SD card will mount like a camera in iMovie, and then you can choose to either archive, which copies the files to disk for later, and then you can delete them off your card, or import them direct into iMovie for editing.


Nov 22, 2010
Central Texas
Thanks so much! I will try imovie, which I never think about. The two formats are AVCHD and MP4, which may be the same as AVI. I will look into that. I know nothing about video so I am very glad BB started this thread.

Izh Ash

Mar 3, 2011
NEX for Video

A few tips, insights, facts and tricks I picked up on the way...

1. Only NEX-5 produces AVCHD files. NEX-3 produces MP4 files in 720p.
2. Upgrade to firmware 3.0, it is the only way to shoot decent video on the NEX, as it allows you to control the aperature in video.
3. Use a variable neutral density filter (Fader ND). It is the only way to control shutter speeds on the NEX. High shutter speeds result in pale and stuttering video.

Gotta go, more later...


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