Shallow Depth of Field


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I posted this one in My XZ-1 image thread along with several others but Arminius' discussion about Auto ISO and the XZ-1 got me thinking about posting the technique I evolved for using my XZ-1.

This was shot in challenging conditions; fading light, gusty winds and handheld since I had just stumbled across this in a friends Garden and there was no time to run back to the car for tripod.
I shoot my XZ-1 in P Mode and use the lens ring to adjust ISO.
I find this gives me the most flexibility since the RAW files give me excellent output up through ISO 400 for this type of work.
Shot in Super Macro mode, 6mm fl, f2.2, 1/200 sec. Opted for ISO 200 to stop down just a bit to get a wider range in focus and to get a higher shutter speed.