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Fremantle, Western Australia
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Central Wool Company Building, Fremantle Western Australia – Australian Heritage Sites by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

This photograph continues my social history project documenting both the mundane and the interesting in the City of Fremantle and surrounding areas through the medium of Waymarking. The image was taken in April 2020.

The Central Wool Company building has been a warehouse and shops since the 1880s. Since 2002 it has been owned by Notre Dame University and currently houses, in part the School of Medicine.

The building is described:

“The facade is a representative example of the commercial architectural style at the turn of the century, derived from Victorian precedents. The place is a fine, substantially intact example of a Federation Warehouse style building that makes a significant contribution to the streetscape. The facade is a critical element in the streetscape of Henry Street located as it is between two significant early buildings. The place is of social significance as evidenced by its classification by the National Trust.”

Source: InHerit – Heritage Council – State Heritage Office