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Irene McC


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The roof line of the old Traverse City State Hospital. Built in the late 1800's, the hospital housed and treated mentally ill patients for decades. It's a huge complex consisting of numerous buildings with a colorful history. After closing in the late 1970s the properties are in a state of redevelopment, currently sporting fine dining restaurants, shops, retirement living, and a variety of other entrepreneurial pursuits.

The administrative authority of the complex offers multi-hour photo op tours along with a narrated history for individuals and groups. I have been saying that I wanted to take that tour for the last several years, but something has always come up which stopped me from visiting the hospital. Ironically, the last 3 years the impediment has been a virus. Short of a lockdown for the new Monkeypox Sky is Falling scaremongering, I will take the tour this summer. I may even take it twice. I'd really like to put together a comprehensive photo documentary of the place.

For anyone interested in reading a little about it, here are a couple of links.