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The new Amazon offices in downtown Vancouver. The building on the right has another identical tower behind it and the sliver of a black building is the third tower they will occupy. The glass and white tower on the left isn't part of the Amazon occupancy AFAIK. There will be 7,000 employees in the 3 structures when everyone is moved in. I have no idea where they are going to get the staff. If you haven't been riding the local real estate market for decades or already rent a place that you can afford, you aren't going to live in Greater Vancouver.


The Post & Neighbors by Graham Moore, on Flickr
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From Wikipedia: "The Tulip Staircase (in the Queen's House, Greenwich) was an unusual feature during this period and the first of its kind. Made of ornate wrought iron, it is Britain's first geometric and unsupported staircase. Each tread is cantilevered from the wall and supported by the step below, a design invented by the mason, Nicholas Stone. Each step is interlocked along the bottom of the riser." Completed in 1635.