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Nov 1, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
Now, if there was one handy thing that I learnt on my trip it was that if you don't have a wide angle - vertical panoramas work too! This was shot on the X100, and is an in-camera vertical panorama :)

And here is an interior shot of the Maxxi Museum in Rome:

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"Maxxi Museum, Rome by Jannette Le (melonbread)) on"
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Dec 8, 2011
Cotswolds, UK
It is great to see the variety of images on this post and the differing styles of shooters, there are some stunning images taken from great angles that inspire anyone viewing them and at the same time endorse the capability and versatility of the Fuji system.

Long may it continue to inspire and provoke comment and thought!


Mar 4, 2013
Wow. Hard to keep up with all the great shots in this thread. Here's a couple anyway.

Love old theaters

State Wayne by Pav B, on Flickr

Buenos Aires has so much cool architecture it's hard to take it all in.

Windows of Puerto Madero by Pav B, on Flickr

And these things in Mississauga Ontario are couple of the strangest ones I've seen. But really cool in person. Every angle makes them look different. Actually kind of hard to photograph.

Absolute Towers by Night by Pav B, on Flickr

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