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Bart J D

Switzerland, Filisur station

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Missouri, USA
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KRR 3201 and MNA 3363 backing Grain Cars onto siding for Farmer's Elevator, Clinton, Missouri. Switchman at the ready to unhook Grain cars, when they are in place on siding. Train will then pull back on the main line, stop, and the switchman then switches track back to main line, climbs aboard train, which proceeds with the Oil tankers to Champion Brands at MNA end of tracks. After delivering, and picking up Tank cars at Champion brands, using the siding at that end of tracks, the train finally heads South out of Clinton. Train will then make stops at several small towns to pick up other cars on the way to Carthage, Missouri.

The process at the Clinton end sometimes takes 2-3 hours, due to switching to sidings and hooking and re-hooking cars and locomotives. Kind of complicated.

Farmer's Elevator Delivery.jpg
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Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia
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John ...
And a lovely pedestrian bridge it is. Can’t remember ever not walking across that when I’ve been to Melbourne.
Yes. The decorative sculptures along each side have added a nice touch. I have some closeups of these somewhere.

The photo I posted was taken at an angle through a triple glazed window on the 18th floor. Hardly ideal, but came out remarkably well.