Shoot film to become a better photographer


hehehe what are the old men going to moan about in 100 years time when nobody can remember using film?
(i expect they'll find something)


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*fast forward 40 old and tired Luke speaks to his nephews' grandchildren.....*

I remember back when I was learning photography, we had to use cameras that only had 12 megapixels......MEGAPIXELS! Not those Gigapixels you kids have now. And the cameras were only usable up to around ISO1600.... and I mean usable....they still had noise.....a lot like your current cameras noise with ISO 3, 276, 800....people back then would just laugh.

Now you kids leave your great-uncle Luke alone. He's gonna see if he can get his old PlayStation 3 working so he can watch some of his old DVDs. I can't believe no one has DVD players anymore.

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