Sony Shooting A mode with adapted lenses

Sep 8, 2010
London UK
I am another one who uses Aperture Priority almost all the time and 100% of the time when using MF Lenses. I don't care how it does it, it just works really well and that's all that matters. I'm loving the NEX for my MF lenses and can not wait for more time to use them!!
Exactly the way I shoot when I have my manual lenses on. S mode is perfect. Adjust the aperture on the lens, shutter speed and ISO on the camera.

Of course some lenses don't have aperture rings, but mine do.

On the NEX you can also shoot in shutter priority mode. Set the aperture on the lens, set your desired shutter speed, and then select Auto ISO. The NEX will choose an ISO value between 200 and 1600 and it seems it will choose nearly any value in increments of 10 in that range. Since the NEX is so good up to ISO 1600 it is actually a pretty useful way to shoot as the resulting file will always be quite clean. The only thing to watch for is that you don't bump into the upper 1600 ISO while being under-exposed, but the histogram will let you know if you are.


Dec 17, 2011
So, What we have learned here is that that NEX camera's work best in A (aperture priority) when using adapted manual lenses. :wink:


Mar 7, 2012
I use aperature priority as well but I find that in anything but outdoor sunny daylight it regularly underexposes so I push exposure compensation to +1 which is still a bit on the dark side. +2 looks better still but I don't want to risk blowing things out so I pick +1 and then adjust in post.

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