Shooting action shots with Ep-2 or any other slow camera


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Hi all: I ran across a post by Brian Mosely in some forum (I can't find it now) where he had taken shots of his daughter on a horse. Normally, with a fast DSLR, one would focus, take a number of continuous shots and select the good ones: the shotgun method. With the m43 cameras, this is not possible, so I want to practice a technique of focusing for action without relying on the continuous shooting. I think Brian said to focus first, then wait for the subject to get where you anticipate you will get the shot. Am I mis-interpreting that? and, how would you focus if the subject isn't there yet?!
Anyway, anyone's thoughts or tips on "action " shots would be appreciated! I don't take a lot of these shots, but want to be practicing with the EP2.


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Keliza, that forum was and I believe this is probably the specific post: Is the Electronic Viewfinder worth it? - Page 2 - Micro Four Thirds User Forum I think what Brian meant was that he estimates the distance and/or focusses on something that is at the distance of that which he plans on photographing. I imagine this takes some practice, but Brian seems to have mastered it quite well. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to answer your questions over on, anytime.

I'm not much of an action shooter, though I have used the Sports Scene mode quite nicely a few times. I believe the E-P2 has that option, if I'm not mistaken.