Shooting People, again

0so, the person doing a bunch of work for me on my property asked if I could do some photos of her kids for her Dad for Christmas.

It's been almost 9 years since the stroke ended that for me, so I thought I would come here and ask for you prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, or whatever encouragement you can spare.

She doesn't want fru-frue, or Christmas ornaments, or Paris - just the kids looking themselves. I used to be pretty good at that. It's freezing cold, so I have setbup a basic backdrop in the dining room and ran a quick test today. Well, at least I can still nail flash exposure within 3 shots. It'll be after Thanksgiving before we schedule a half-hour session (that used to be more than enough, pray it still is). Pray I can still move quick enough to capture small kids expressions.

That's it. Just a little nervous about not moving too fast and passing out, about dusting off old skills, about photographing young people (4&6), about photographing humans again after the stroke.

Just pray I make her and her father smile, not ruin their Christmas with crap pictures of the kids.

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Walter those truly are very nice.
As a dad if I was to be given these I would be extremely grateful and so very pleased.
They are full of life and beauty, and look spontaneous.

And your storey makes it even more special.

It highlights what the can do attitude can achieve, and I take my hat off to you.
Good that you can share and even better that you can achieve these above.

I know nothing other than that brief sentence above in the first post, but know what an affliction can bring and the sort of 'advice' some others can offer.
Some of us are faced with these times when the unexpected happens and we are left not in a place anyone would want to be and yet the ability to bounce or climb back is so pronounced and so liberating.
I've had four rather serious operations over the past 15 years, including 2 last year and know how well the doomsday experts can be so negative and condescending.
If I'd have believed and fallen to such comments I'd have been blind 15 years ago, crippled 8 years ago, crippled again last year and dead from prostate cancer to boot.
I'm not mentioning my woes for any pity or comment - none of those predictions came anywhere near true but to say it's stories like yours that can be so encouraging for others faced with their own life dilemma whilst throwing buckets of cold water over peoples attitudes and comments that only know negativity.

Congratulations I say for a job well done and for being an overcomer.
May it rekindle other interests and lead to greater things in your life.
Keep up the good work.