Fuji Shooting some street with the X100


Dec 21, 2011
Valley Center,Ca.
I like the partial limbs in #3.I tend to want to tidy up an image that has these but it really puts the viewer into the frame, and in this case, frames the three whole bodies.

Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
Very nice. The second one is classically framed and a bit mysterious, even disturbing. I love the old gal and her companion walking by cafe society. There's just the faintest touch of senior disapproval on her face. They are all very engaging.


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Oct 22, 2011
UK, Essex
Peter Tachauer
Lovely shots. Even better, you shot the Birdcage Pub My Great Gradfather (the dirty bigamous old rascal) lived there in the late 1800's whilst he was a Music Hall turn (a "Top Boot" dancer) He left his wife and kids to travel to Australia, NZ, Hawaii, USA (where he married 3 more times and then died...maybe from exhaustion?)

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