Fuji Shooting the XT-1 in bright sunlight


I have moved over from NIkon DSLR's. So bright sunshine wasn't too much of an issue, as I had OVF. Went to a farmer's market today. It was a bright sunny day and the EVF was quite hard to see through. It seemed that the only way to get more light in was to dig deep into the menu to brighten the screen. Is their a simpler way? Sure wish I could assign an FN button to adjust screen brightness.


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unfortunately for me, mine came with this attachment, yet i find it near impossible to use the vf in glaring bright light for anything but rudimentary framing.


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It's interesting how peoples' experience of this varies. My dad has this issue with all EVF cameras (Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, Sony), whereas I rarely notice it being a problem with the same cameras. I believe that some cameras will now auto-boost EVF brightness when ambient light is bright, but I don't know that the Fujis do this yet.

The problem occurs because our eyes adapt to the bright sun and become less sensitive to light, thus making the EVF appear dim. One cumbersome solution is to wear sunglasses on sunny days and take them off while shooting.
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I usually turn off the auto boost on those Fujis that support this feature (including the upcoming camera generation). While it looks very nice in the EVF, it also reduces the WYSIWYG quality of the EVF, so images will look darker on the computer than they did in the EVF.


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I only have this problem if the sun is shining from the left. In that case I use my left hand to cup the EVF and my eye (I use my left eye for composing photos because I'm left-handed).

BTW, I have this problem with every EVF camera, including X-T1.


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I have the long eyecup and it makes a huge difference to me. The key is to use it with the naked eye - take off any spectacles and use dioptre correction - and be sure to centre your eye.
Also in South Florida. I have the evf set at +2 brightness. Added to Q menu for easy access. Use the large eyecup but with sun glasses. No issues. Without the +2 its an issue.


Working fine now.