Should I worry?


Dear Abby

Today I found I haven't taken a photograph.

Should I worry, or is this just something that happens to all camera owners from time to time ?

Yours truly



If you still have a pulse and you are still breathing normally then there is no need to panic. If you are still concerned, tomorrow first thing, go to your nearest camera shop and pick up (hmmmm better hand over money too) an X100. It'll kick start your creativity ... the only side affect I can see is that you will be forever after inflicted with a silly grin on your face! Small price, me thinks.


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Yep, I'd be listening to Briar!

I went three weeks between photos and had no idea what was wrong with me. Look I had the best of lenses on my dSLR (Pentax) and a handy back-pocket compact (s95), and the moments just rolled by without a single one being framed. "What's wrong with me?", I wondered. Well the cycle of depresion led me to shop and after a good dose of wheeling and dealing, I found me a X100 and now things are all better again...for now. It's your set-up, man! Reevaluate! GAS is not a problem, it's a therapy (some rightly assert the panacea for all our ills) :laugh1:

Seriously though when I hit a photographic fugue, I find devoting some time to looking at the work of others usually helps - some time with a Magnum or two usually helps. My tried and true photographic Prozac is Trent Parke, he normally does the trick....snaps me right back into it.

Let us know how,and if, things improve.


If you don't take a picture then think, study, read, breathe photography. Or just sit back and enjoy the light that you might have previously rushed out to get your camera to capture :wink:

Steve Noel

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I take one or ten snaps every day or ten and then delete almost all of them so that I don't have to unload the memory card or fill up the hard drive. I mean, why over load the equipment. Then you just have to buy more, bigger, faster and of course then you need the latest software. But then with all that "stuff" you just have to justify the investment and go wild snappin' at any thing that catches the eye. Then it happens! GAS attack! The pics just aren't lookin' as good as they should, on the new super monitor. Wait, it must be this outdated camera, but it is only a few weeks old. How are you going to get it all balanced out. Ah, just give it a glance, a wink and go take a nap, dreamin' of that perfect shot. When you wake up, it will be all better.


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I'm almost ready to puke.....
Youse are all toooooooo nice.
Paul... Get the heck off yer butt and get to werk!

No charge for the therapy.....

Seriously..... Time in photography relates to shutter speed only....
So don't sweat off times.... Who's counting anyways?
When ya have lulls.... do something totally unrelated like...
clean the house, read a book, sleep...
Just let passion grow and don't force yourself to produce... It would be crapola anyway...

Forget about clean the house... Bad idea!


..... Time in photography relates to shutter speed only....!

hmmm, funny you should say that ...

pdh said:
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I don't understand why anyone could ever say "I don't have time for photography" ... some of my photographs have taken as little as one-four-thousandth of a second to take ... :43: users (and nex and x100 etc etc) users have small easily carried cameras ... there's no excuse for not doing photography ...
This is like having a nose, and not blowing it! I might go for weeks without an "actuation", but when I start it's hundreds or thousands. So don't worry, here in Australia there used to be a saying "have a Bex powder, and a good lie down". I'm off on a 28 day cruise around Australia next week. I'm taking my LX-2, G1, GF-1 and a heap of lenses. Won't need a Bex powder, and don't intend to lie down. Just hope there is time during the trip to recharge my camera batteries and download the images to my notebook.