Should we have more than one fixed-lens forum?


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Do the X1 and DP1 belong in the same forum as the EX1 and LX5? Do the EX1 and LX5 belong in the same forum as the small sensor megazoom cameras? How should we organize those forums?

Maybe we should have a fixed lens forum for greater than 1" sensors (R1, DP1, DP2, X1) and a fixed lens forum for less than 1" sensors (everything else). Is there a better way? Or should we just leave it as is?


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I'm not sure. Helpful, eh?

Right now since they're have not been too many posts, perhaps it is better to leave it as one forum?

You're certainly more savvy about this stuff than I am, that's for sure!


Too much diversity may cause confusion. "Does my camera fit here or there?" I'd say stay the course for now and as things grow keep it under consideration.