Should we open up the forum to cameras of all types and sizes?

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Steve Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY
Hello All,

Been away from the community for a while, for various reasons. And came upon this discussion and the one about the name change. (? maybe)
The focus on the combined Serious Compact camera ideas, and practicality of the scope of serious cameras available, is what I was looking, for when I discovered this site and it's sisters.
I realize that, I maybe should not be voicing an opinion on the subject, as I haven't contributed anything , in a looong while. But when I click on the icon, I find that I'm still signed in!
Some change, adjustment is usually needed in most things.
But, Please don't make too much radical change. I might not realize that I'm at the right place, when I visit next.:)


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Steve, I haven't been too active lately either. And I'm so glad you weighed in....also absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it's great that you're back!

As an aside, I have felt for a long time that FujiXspot should be combined with Serious Compacts...or Serious Compacts And More.


New Member
Oct 5, 2013
Will be no more serious compact forum, but yet another general photo forum without nothing special.
I am done with SLR for years, that's why I am here.
Already too much burden by filtering sales not related to "compact" at all, please not add filtering discussions too...


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Mar 27, 2013
looks like others are heading in our direction just when we...
Love the images - very talented

I already know the message but for some it takes a while to accept.
When I went on holiday to Spain one of the Party had a full range Canon DSLR kit. He proudly demonstrated all the lenses on the dining table and that's where it sat for the whole holiday. He did exactly the same when we went to Scotland. When I think on it I've only ever seen one photo he's taken.


Dec 3, 2011
chicago burbs
I used to shoot with a Pentax K5 and a 12-24mm lens. The main purpose of that setup was for paid real estate photography. Once I decided I had enuff income to stop having customers look over my shoulder I sold all my gear and went to m4/3 for size/convenience. I like the size of m4/3 but as a pixel peeper had the desire for "more". Then I discovered this site and the info here led me to the Sigma DP2m based on images shown and the friendly exchanges on this camera. I have yet to find a forum that is as enthusiastic about the Sigmas as the owners here. Since the Sigma is such a quirky camera I kept looking thru the numerous brands posted on this forum (for something similar but flexible) which led me to the recent purchase of a Sony RX1. Again, I know of no other site that promotes such a wide variety of compacts with so much info and camaraderie. I still visit the Pentax forum for info on how to use a camera and Having such resources here would be an added bonus. As to the name change, I think the name 'Serious Compacts' is a statement about those who really enjoy the benefits of a 'compact' camera and are serious about those we own for the images we produce with them.


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Jul 3, 2010
looks like others are heading in our direction just when we...
Seems like every month there is a blog post like that. But they are really, really late to the game. It's like a blog post about "time to get an HD TV" should I get a smartphone".

People who like cameras know that small cameras are capable and that mirrorless system cameras are a good alternative to DSLRs for most people. Those of us who got that message a long time ago don't need to limit ourselves based on gear size, though. We're capable of moving beyond categorizing in any sort of us vs them way.
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