"Show any picture"


Many thanks to all of you for your compliments!

Clearly you and the S90 have got a good thing going - and wonderful colors, too.

I like my S90 very much but it is not my main camera. My pens have been at service for more than 6 weeks now and thus it is the only camera I have at the moment. However, I start to wonder why I bought my pens, since they have been at service for a longer time now than I have been using them to take photos, while my S90 works quite fine.

Love the muted colours and the framing. I wouldn't like to be riding the bike uphill though.

It is indeed rather steep there:

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Canon PowerShot S90, 6mm @ f/3.5, 1/30, ISO 80


betwixt and between
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Sorry to read about your PENs being in for repair/service. Your reaction to not missing them so much is a tribute to your love of taking photos. For some reason this makes me think of that old Crosby Stills & Nash song "Love the One Your With"... Personally, I'd only follow that credo with a camera. ;-)

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
that guy has got serious "noise" in his middle regions - ISO800 and above I reckon
You're right. It was at 800 and he was lost in the shadows. I brought him out to the extent I could. I just 'de-noised' him a bit, using Topaz De Noise, which I didn't have when I initially worked on that. I replaced the image with a less noisy one. Still not perfect, but a good deal better.



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Taken with my "old" e-pl1. I sharpened a bit in LR3 as I continue to learn and experiment.

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