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In Sydney, where I'm living and where the picture was taken, these buildings have proven to be very wobbly after 5 to 10 years, it's not uncommon, for owners of the apartments to have to move out and relocate at their own cost due to a danger of the building becoming unsafe, maybe collapsing. Of course, the developer has more often than not created a dummy company under which these blocks are built which is then wound up after all apartments have been sold (meaning the owners can't sue the developer when the building falls down). Knowing all this, I'd rate those kind of buildings as as quite apalling.
The Prima Pearl building is one of these, Tim.

Beautiful building, but, to quote Coleridge, "It cracked and growled and roared and howled" ... ("Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner ").

Owners have moved out due to feeling unsafe.

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Are the developers still putting on the fireworks displays in Melbourne every Friday night to try and attract interest in these vacant properties?
I wouldn't have a clue, mate. It's been about 3-4 years since I've been into the city, other than the occasional quick trip to Melbourne Private Hospital for a couple of cardiac ablations ... Hardly tourist stuff!
For those interested in dodgy high rise apartment buildings, look at any of these:

etc, etc, etc ...
This, as with the one before it, is an obvious entry and to be fair it's getting knocked down. Thing is though, the building that'll replace it will render public housing apartments smaller than the one that are getting knocked down.
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I understand that it is "affordable" public housing (council houses) and they do not have much flare, but they served a purpose and are a reflection of their time, I suppose. A bit of brutalist architecture, light on the brutalism.

While they are not "pretty", I still find the images very interesting to look at.