Show: Beautiful People (no nudity)


Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
"beauty" is far more than skin deep, nor is it restricted as to age or gender. Please use this thread to share photos of "beautiful people"; those with a beauty that comes from within rather than those who are posing un-naturally to conform to some impossible ideal. Show real people, living real lives, from newborn to senior. Keep it family friendly, and show us your very best.

I'll start the ball rolling:


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I cooled down the white balance and used a different Iridient color profile and a Fuji VSCO Aperture preset to get that specific kind of green.
Ah the the beautiful younger generations! pchdeals' this little girl has the most lovely complexion and I can already see the young lady she will become. Such a beautiful smile!

Rico - it seems to me that your girls - whether they're your children, nieces, relatives or not have the best times no matter where they are! Water park or historic fountain - it looks like it was great fun!