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Nothing quite like a "tip up"! I have a soft spot for ducks. I think it's because their faces remind me of so many of my dogs, as strange as that sounds. They have those dark kohl lined eyes and long pointy noses, too.


(Click on it to see it larger. I didn't want to post it too large and throw off the forum view.)

That was the only reason I picked up the 40-150 with the adapter back when they had them real cheap was to do a few birds every now and again. At our apartment complex a lady keeps up a few bird feeders and I occasionally go out and try to get some shots. Usually just robins but there is the occasional sparrow, finch, or cardinal.
Thanks BB. Yes i think it is a Barn Owl. It was shot (via camera..not gun!!:D) at a medieval day at a place called Battle in Sussex where the Battle of Hastings took place, 1066, King Harold and all that. The battle field was 100 yards from where that owl was.
An oldie from last year out by Point Reyes, California. This is a 100% crop of a much larger photo as my camera didn't have enough telephoto to get closer. But the full frame sensor and lots of megapixels allowed for a decent close up of the eagle, notwithstanding the purple fringing.

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Leica M9 + CV Heliar 75/2.5
Wow! Are you sure this is actually an eagle, Armanius? He might be a Ferruginous Hawk. They are very large and often mistaken for eagles. They live out in the western plains and desserts of North America. The Ferruginous Hawk
With a length of 560-690 millimeters and a weight of 970-2500 grams, this is without question the largest and heaviest of North American Buteos. Among North American raptor species, only the bald eagle and golden eagle, and the heaviest female snowy owls weigh more than the Ferruginous hawk...

Fantastic photo and how exciting it must have been to look up and see it!