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First time trying to do wildlife in Black and White only ... and I failed. After a few tries I copped out of my month of B&W only and went back to colour. I couldn't make it work, to make better and more interesting images just on composition and drama. Also, the colours were too intense to "ignore" after a pretty depressing 6 months of bad weather.

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Not sharing with me eh?

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This one took me by surprise because I didn't recognise what it was from the flap of their wings, it was faster than usual and I thought it was a pigeon. When I realised it might not be it was starting to veer off away from me. I think it has something quite big in its talons, probably a pigeon by the colour.

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It did come back about half an hour later but I only managed to get a poor grab picture, it still had that big blob with it. By the time I checked if I got the focus right it disappeared again ... damn.

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Just a lonely little Robin in the forest.

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Plenty of gulls flying around, being close to the coast.
Pigeons can definitely have a look of birds of prey when they're flying quickly and you see them from an angle

That raptor you caught looks like a goshawk to me - a rare sight if so, especially with prey! Fantastic


Using the 70-210 Nikkor f/4 D
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