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Where did you see the storks? They are always a super sighting
There are two locations. One is Silves. The other is off the highway driving to Monchique. Both are in Portugal and about ½ hour from each other. I call the area around Monchique the stork condo complex. There are a lot of short trees and there are many breading there. This last set are from the complex.

I met a person there from the local university and she was doing egg counts. She asked if had seen any with leg bands. They are doing studies on them. I’ll post a link. The article says some storks stopped migrating to Africa.
juvenile Superb Fairy Wren
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The friendly neighborhood Peregrine Falcon visited today, caught me off guard since I was out in the field taking photos of smaller birds around the edge of the woods when this falcon dove out of the sky and grabbed what I think is a Robin, and flew over my house to the dead tree out back to have lunch.

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