Show "Black and White"

Thanks, BB :). Here's another funny moment of the boys learning how to take pictures (and model):


Taken with a non-so-compact Nikon D700 and Zeiss ZF 35/2 Distagon.

Thank you all for your comments, here's another view. If you don't mind, I'd be interested to hear which you prefer, or think works better.

Then, I'll tell you the big story.:D

David, I love that fence line - I guess I'll have to go to your blog to see it larger, and I will!
BB, I think the 1st one works much better for a couple reasons:

  • Angle and perspective of the car makes it look more impressive and also makes it look like it isn't in a parking spot but instead just parked next to a curb
  • There are multiple non-essential elements competing for attention in the second version (house, fence, flowers, etc)
The first one just has more personality and story to it.
This One


Thank you all for your comments, here's another view. If you don't mind, I'd be interested to hear which you prefer, or think works better.

I like this one. I love all the lines going up and down and across and I like the house which deepens the mystery of what this is about.
Gee, why couldn't the three of you all gone for the same one?;) I really appreciate each of you taking the time to react. Food for thought for me. Maybe later on, I'll add my own thoughts on what I was thinking when I took the photos, and my own reactions. Too early for me now on a Saturday morning - need another cup o' coffee!
Hi Friends,

I'd like to share three images of different species, all taken at dusk:

1. 'Together at dusk'. Central Park, Jaipur, India. Canon G9. I could have never taken this picture, I was shooting trees, looking the other way when two people walking past pointed in the other direction. I looked behind me and saw this sight and quickly took 3-4 shots. In low light, the camera focussed on tree leaves that were in front of the Peacocks owing to which and slow shutter speed, the birds got slightly blurred. I liked the overall effect and mood, however.


2. Langur family at dusk. Jaipur, India. Canon SX10 IS (shot this as a DNG raw file thanks to CHDK). I had called it a day after an evening of shooting and was walking back home and then saw this sight. Had not kept the camera back in my bag by then and immediately took some pictures. Do not have the EXIF info with me right now but as far as I remember, took this at around 400mm equivalent focal length. They were sitting atop a three storey high building.


3. A Spotted Owlet that in silhouette looked like a part of a large tree at Central Park, Jaipur, India. Took this image with a Canon PowerShot A590 IS:

I like shot #1 waiting for the story...I'm talking about that car and the stripes...what is the story behind it ?
Oh, I see - didn't realize you were really talking to me.:redface:

Hmm, the story to that first car and flag shot... I could make a good one up, but this is just this really old American flag that we hang up at the dead end portion of our street every Independence Day and it stays through Labor Day...the big black Lincoln belongs to a neighbor who has his own car service business. I just looked at it and saw that big, shiny grill (kind of like teeth) and all that that sort of car can make one think of - from some unmarked government vehicle, to the mafia...or who knows what - and then the old flag... Juxtaposition of an object that stands for something larger than itself (the flag) and that big, black, shiny Lincoln that has another altogether different connotation. At least for me, the two are quite different.