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Aug 25, 2010
S W France
I prefer the colour photo because the drawings show up more I think. I'll try and find something to post now :)
Thanks Christina

I think that it, (the drawing), is "Old Nick" - so what I think the (designer) of the scene in the room is illustrating is not only Chiaroscuro but also the extreme contrast between the religious "dark" and "light" - that's what I felt anyway

The colour version does show a more powerful "light" although the B & W version could be seen as a little more sinister, (the devil is partly hiding behind a column)

My wife keeps telling me that I have a "thing" for taking photos in "religious places"
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Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
Ahh, very clever. The colour brings out that devilish red colour more effectively than the more sombre black and white I think. I always feel bad about photographing inside churches even when they're clearly tourist attractions!


Oct 10, 2010
Nice photo's, the lack of colour for the shoes does indeed add atmosphere to what would otherwise be a boring subject (no offence!), makes the eye concentrate on the details instead.
I like the colour picture of the church, the colours add real warmth to the photo, it feels older too.

If you love churches, get over to Italy one day, they have churches that you wouldn't believe, stunning. Im probably the most non religous person in the world, but I too have a thing about taking photo's in churches, and Italy has them like nowhere else.

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