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View at 4:30 am, a few days ago. Don't ask what I was doing at that time of the morn!

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Thanks, Phil.

Waiting for the CT scan was extremely stressful, and now the results of the echocardiogram I had last Friday.

I don't function very well under stress, yet I now find myself balancing on this knife edge between my heart problems, Warfarin, and the brain bleeds.

It's all very stressful, and could go pear shaped at anytime.
While I'm actually quite sanguine about it all in some strange way, and at one level, the thought of becoming a total invalid scares me witless.
Off topic, but the results of the echocardiogram showed small bilateral atrial enlargement, but both ventricles are normal, according to my GP yesterday.

Suffering from the virus that had Heather in the local hospital last Monday. Seem to be cleared for her, and clearing up for me. Causes increased mean arterial pressure (MAP), decreased temperature, sinusitis, aches and pains, no cough. Apparently, it's very widespread here ATM.