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Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

Jock Elliott

Hall of Famer
Jan 3, 2012
Troy, NY
This image is pretty good, but the sky on the drive to work this morning was a dazzling display of pink and magenta. That had faded by the time I parked and made it to my vantage point.

View attachment 197897
Isn't it fascinating how dynamic the sky can be? (And frustrating too, sometimes.)

Just this AM, I sat down to run the Commuter Assistance Network on ham radio, looked out the window and saw a glorious partial moon, hanging halfway up the sky. I messed with my computer a couple of minutes, looked again, and my entire view of the sky was clouded over. A few minutes later, the view was changed to streaks of clouds in a blue sky, illuminated pink and red by the rising sun.

Keep looking up!

Update: and if you wait just 10 minutes more, you get this:

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Cheers, Jock
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