Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

John 2

Ynys Onnen Island off Strumble Head, Isle of Anglesey
Ynys Onnen Island off Strumble Head.jpg
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Wow Will!! Just Wow!
Thanks. I saw the moon come up yesterday morning and the sky was just a little darker, which was nice but I didn't have a long lens with me at the time. So today I brought the 150-600. (150 really ended up being more than I needed) I was afraid this morning's moonrise would be too washed out by the sunrise, but it ended up being ok. The problem with shooting crescent moonrises or moonsets, aside from shooting through maximum atmospherics, is that it's always close to the sun's position making exposure tricky. I'm still learning and, like the rest of us, in search of that perfect shot.