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Bart J D

Nov 11, 2019
Sometimes, there no mistaking a CCD image.

You can see why I've been considering a Pentax CCD camera as a sort of affordable backup to my Leica CCD camera - these images make me very impressed with the K camera and lenses.


Hall of Famer
Jan 19, 2015
This is me just humouring myself while I wait for my train, using the Nikkor 85mm F1.8G. I was in AF mode but turned the focus ring on the lens which automatically changes to manual focus. Bokeh demands manual focus it seems, resulting in something you’re not going to get in AF mode. And then there’s the decision to make; should my focus have more regard to the foreground than I’m giving to there background? Etc etc. From a G.A.S point of view, I wouldn’t buy the Nikkor 58mm F1.4G, an expensive one trick pony however with that one trick being so apparently sublime, I can’t help wondering how it would have rendered this same scene.


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