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That 24mm focal length and a fast F1.4 wide open - I *love* that, for me it creates magic. The closer you’re able to focus the better. Had one like that when I had a Fuji but need one for my Nikon.

I agree. When it works out, it's special.
I find it harder to see the proper scenes, though.
Definitely a lens I like.

By the way, the first 21 in this gallery about Bruges are all with this lens.
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And the morning just goes on giving ...


I think I may have to revise my plans for today ... But then again, venturing into the woods might be not only a very wet affair, but also quite dangerous. Temperatures have plummeted by as much as 10°C, and some old cracks may have snapped (or, even more perilously, may be about to snap). I may be better of waiting until things have settled (or fallen).


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