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Wild West Wales
Thanks, Brian, for sharing the "perfect imperfection" of nature. It strikes me as silly to try to improve on such a delightful little flower by "fixing" it on your computer.

Oh, and welcome to this took you rather longer to make the move from the old place than some of the rest of us, but I'm glad you did. Are you still keeping a foot in both camps? (not that there's anything wrong with that)

- K
Thank you for your comments Keith.

I actually "went missing" from the old place (as well as various other non-photo fora) for around 15 months, due to a combination of a dying Mac, health problems and other issues.
Happily I now have a new 10 year old Mac that has enabled me to re-participate. I initially logged back into the m/43 forum and was astonished to be greeted by various old timers, some of whom were really worried about my disappearance. After thanking them for their concern and warm welcome back, I was soon made aware of the "issues" on that site and was gently guided over to here.
It's great to be amongst more old friends again and I intend for this to be my main interest, although I do keep a bit of an eye on t'other one, but will severely limit my uploading.

Apologies if we've digressed from this threads purpose, but I really wanted to explain my situation.
Now, back to some photos folks!


scott rawson
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About the time it started to turn into a communist dictatorship, Martti ... :( .
I just came across this thread and was working my way back looking at previous posts....
Came to this one and when I clicked on the link to the earlier post I got the "not found" message. Fatman974, the poster, seems to have disappeared too.

I think he may be in Hong Kong so I hope he's ok:oops:
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